bb202 – MLP – 2015

Tracks A3-B4 previously unreleased remixes. A1 and A2 only vinyl version available.


A1 Shine (Single Version) 4:10
A2 If … 4:52
A3 Shine (Klaak Remix) 5:25
A4 Shine (Car Crash Set Remix) 6:41
B1 Shine (Die Krupps Remix) 4:12
B2 Shine (Hans Nieswandt & Levent Canseven Remix) 6:52
B3 Shine (Roedelius Schneider Remix) 5:14
B4 Shine (Pyrolator Remix) 6:22
Released on Record Store Day 2015 and sold at concerts during the Camouflage Greyscale Tour. Limited edition of 1000 copies.


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