Sans Visage


Sans Visage

DB-002 – LP – 2015

The best tunes can be discovered in the dark catacombs of the music, it’s a fact that probably will never disappear.  You already might have heard the name, as this project of David-Alexandre Parquier (guitarist of Soror Dolorossa) is actually a discovery of Wool-E-Tapes, that released Icons & Dead Fears last year. And of course it was kind of written in the stars that their album would be released on the French label Manic Depression (the refuge of numerous goth bands).

During 36 minutes you hear excellent music, even if it is very difficult to stick a genre on it. Sometimes it’s goth rock, and then it’s minimal synth wave. But whatever the label is, Luminance always has an 80″s sound, and even the best of it!

Sans Visage is the perfect album for dark times. He who does not want to experience that, must be blind, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to see it or not!


A1 The Bleeding Eye 03:23
A2 No Second Act 03:15
A3 The Twin Gods 04:33
A4 The Grey 03:30
B1 The Perfect Blend 06:00
B2 Conjure the Spell 04:48
B3 Left Out (feat. Psyche) 04:49
B4 Hymne au Sang 03:41

Edtion of 500 copies.

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