CSR203CD – CD – 2015

Finally getting an official and remastered release, Backwards is the mythical “lost” album from seminal experimental band Coil. Many of the tracks have appeared on compilations, bootlegs, or as reworked versions on other albums but now we get to hear the album as it was originally intended.


1 Intro 0:50
2 Backwards 6:47
3 Amber Rain 5:44
4 Fire Of The Green Dragon 4:42
5 Be Careful What You Wish For 3:48
6 Nature Is A Language – The Test 5:38
7 Heaven’s Blade 8:18
8 CopaCaballa 5:40
9 Paint Me As A Dead Soul 6:47
10 AYOR (It’s In My Blood) 3:09
11 A Cold Cell 6:20
12 Fire Of The Mind 7:07

Three panel Digipak and a postcard.

For this, Coil were Balance and Christopherson with assistance from Drew McDowall and Danny Hyde.

Recorded 1992-1996, London and New Orleans (Nothing Studios)


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