Stories From The Red Book

EO 003 – LP – 2016

Swedish band dedicated to turning the stories of J.R.R. Tolkien into electronic pop music.




A1 Angaudlindalë I 1:02
A2 Mitt Äventyr 4:14
A3 Angaudlindalë II 1:09
A4 En RIng 4:17
A5 Angaudlindalë III 1:04
A6 Tiden Är Inne
Backing Vocals – The Hobbit Siblings
A7 Angaudlindalë IV 1:03
A8 Följ Mig 3:42
B1 Angaudlindalë V 1:03
B2 Spiderpets 4:33
B3 Angaudlindalë VI 1:01
B4 Ballad Of The Orch 4:29
B5 Angaudlindalë VII 1:05
B6 Green Dragon 4:20
B7 Angaudlindalë VIII 1:02
B8 Gondolin 4:02

Numbered limited edition of 300 copies in translucent orange vinyl with opaque red swirls.

Comes with folded orange lyrics sheet wrapped around the edge.

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